Denise Brunning

Originally from Cambridge, Denise moved to New Bradwell in 1985 and then moved to Stony Stratford 9 years ago. She has worked for Rockwell Automation for 12 years. Denise joined the Stony Stratford NAG (Neighbourhood Action Group) 4 years ago and was the chair for 3.5 years. She chairs the Safer Neighbourhood Delivery Group which supports the NAGs in the MK area, working closely with all partnership agencies. Denise is a member of the ASB strategy group chaired by a Milton Keynes Council Manager and has various outside community groups where she sit on the board of trustees. She won her seat as Councillor for Stony Stratford ward 2 years ago and attends the following committees: Policing, Crime and Community; Health and Adult Social Care; Economy, Growth and Regeneration

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