Oakridge Park 20mph Zone

Residents will have seen my recent leaflet that included a short story on estates becoming 20mph zones. 

Since the leaflet was delivered I have received a lot of positive feedback from Oakridge Park residents so I have decided to take it to the next stage. 

I need to demonstrate to Milton Keynes Council that this is something the majority of local residents support.

Sign my petition below that I will be handing in to the Council to request they start the formal process of turning Oakridge Park to a 20mph zone.

If you don't like the idea or have further questions please send me an email: alex.walker@milton-keynes.gov.uk.

Many thanks,

Cllr Alex Walker


Oakridge Park 20mph zone

I hereby show my support in principle for Oakridge Park to become a 20mph zone and request Milton Keynes Council initiate the formal process of consulting with residents. 


Oakridge Park 20mph Zone

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