PETITION: Protecting our Green Spaces

We are alerting you to an important Council meeting being held on September 20th at 7.30pm (At Christ the Cornerstone church in Central Milton Keynes)


In 2015 several sites were identified for possible housing on land that residents considered to be valuable green spaces.. These were in Woolstone and Springfield in our Ward as well as numerous sites in other Wards. Those plans were not pursued after a campaign by the Conservatives and residents.


In 2016 several of the same sites were listed again as potential housing but withdrawn when it was realised that these sites were included in the 2015 lists and Full Council had asked for sites that were valuable green spaces not to be built on.


In 2017 the same sites in Woolstone and Springfield (along with many more) were again listed in a technical study for potential housing. Councillors eventually obtained assurances that these were not to be built on.


We believe that these sites, that keep appearing on potential housing lists, should be fully protected in law. THIS WILL ENSURE THEY NEVER APPEAR AGAIN.


We have therefore tabled a motion to full Council on September 20th and attach a petition for you to sign and pass on to your contacts. If you can, please come along to the meeting to speak or just show your support.


Cllr Peter McDonald and Terry Baines

Milton Keynes Conservatives


Working for local people, all year round