Local Farmers Meet with Mark Lancaster MP

Mark Lancaster MP for Milton Keynes North met with local members of the NFU last week and was brought up to date on a variety of matters within the local farming community.

Meeting with local representatives of the North Bucks Branch at Woad Farm in Hanslope, Mark was able to listen to a range of topics, one of which was the possible outcomes from the decision to leave the EU and the departure from the Common Agricultural Policy.

British farmers are already providing the highest standards in the world and naturally they wish to continue to work to these standards, ensuring they are sustained and endorsed by government.

After the meeting Mark said, “During this period of change it’s important that we listen to our farmers concerns. In the UK we are proud to be delivering the highest standards in the world for the consumer and I will be writing to the Agricultural Minister to ask that when negotiating new trade deals, these standards are taken into consideration and maintained.”