Iain Stewart MP Visits Combat Academy HQ

Milton Keynes South MP Iain Stewart visited ‘Combat Academy’ the UK’s number one self-defence training provider to find out more about their specialised programmes for women and in schools

The academy teaches truly effective self-defence training and martial arts training for members of the public. They have been working in schools across Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire helping victims of bullying and teaching students how to defend themselves in real life situations.

Iain Stewart was joined by Stony Stratford Councillor Denise Brunning who is working with the Academy to provide classes in Fullers Slade. On the visit, they had a presentation on their history and met with participants and trainers.

Mr Stewart said, “It was a real pleasure to visit Combat Academy. I have met with them before and I am so impressed with what they are trying to achieve in the community. When someone is a victim of a violent crime it can be devastating for the individual not just physically but mentally. The techniques Combat Academy teach are designed exactly to defend against those situations.”

Cllr Brunning added, “I would like to congratulate everyone involved for putting together such a great model and doing all they can to help in communities across the region. I am looking forward to working with the team going forward.”