Conservative Leader is concerned about MKs future under a Labour Administration

Milton Keynes Labour Party members voted in July to support Jeremy Corbyn’s nomination despite Labour’s Council Leader Peter Marland saying that Jeremy Corbyn would’ “lose us Councillors and credibility.”

Now Jeremy Corbyn returns to Milton Keynes this weekend in a bid to gain more support for his leadership. Some local labour councillors are are being backed by Momentum and one councillor, representing Stony Stratford was down to speak at the last Corbyn rally a few weeks ago.

Conservative Leader Cllr Edith Bald said, “I am growing increasingly concerned about the distractions that Milton Keynes Labour Administration are facing over who will lead the national party and the impact the result could have on Milton Keynes. Residents and Businesses in MK have told me that they are really concerned about the infiltration and influence of hard left groups in the Labour Party. I share their concern.

"I think we will see the current agreement in MK between Labour and the Lib Dems coming under strain as tensions rise over the dominance of extreme left policies. This is happening at a crucial time in MKs development when the Labour Administration and their Lib Dem partners should be fully focused on things that really matter locally such as building homes, schools and delivering council services within budget. Our job as Conservatives with 22 council seats, the same number as Labour, is to focus on being effective in opposition and ready to pick up the pieces if necessary.

"At national level Conservatives have formed a strong, united Government under Theresa May and I expect them to go from strength to strength developing new policies which I think will appeal to many traditional labour supporters. I hope so as I believe that Conservatives would make a better job of running MK Council”