Concerns about Milton Keynes Council office refurbishment overspend

Conservative Leader Edith Bald voices concerns about Milton Keynes Council office refurbishment overspend.

Cllr Bald claims the cost of £5.8million approved in July is now likely to be more than £8million.

She said: “I am disappointed that Labours Cabinet Member responsible did not appear to be on top of the numbers at our cross party Scrutiny Management Committee meeting on Tuesday.

“One thing for sure is that costs are likely to increase further. Significantly the paper states there has been no asbestos survey which on a building of this age could push costs up more.”

The plans aim to centralise the 2000 council staff into the Civic Offices on Saxon Gate. This would require refurbishment of the building to accommodate them, but means the council’s block in Saxon Court and office space in Station Square could be leased to provide income.