Candidate Profile - Jenny RICHARDS (Tattenhoe)

Jenny Richards is the Conservative candidate for Tattenhoe in the 3 May 2018 Milton Keynes Local Election. 

"For the last ten years I have lived in Westcroft with my husband, two teenage children and two dogs.

Candidate Profile - Terry BAINES (Campbell Park and Old Woughton)

My early working life was spent in the Army, serving with the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, seeing active service in Northern Ireland and the Falklands conflict. I am now a Retail Manager working locally. I am a family man with children attending local schools.

Candidate Profile - Qasim AWAN (Wolverton)

"My name is Qasim Awan and I live in the Wolverton Ward. I am married, have two children and am self-employed as a taxi driver. I have been living around the Wolverton area for the past 25 years.