Conservative Party Conference Day Two

We need a Government that delivers serious reform and builds a country that works for everyone, and not just the privileged few.

Ihezie Foundation-Book Relief

Over 100,000 educational textbooks were shipped off from Milton Keynes on Friday 16th September set for thousands of school children in The Republic of Liberia.


Milton Keynes MP’s welcome record number of people in work

Both MP’s for Milton Keynes, Mark Lancaster and Iain Stewart have welcomed the news that the number of people in work across the UK is at a record level, the rate of women in work is at the highest level since comparable records began and that according to today’s figures there are 2.7 million mo

Building an economy that works for everyone

Today’s employment statistics show that with 31.77 million people in work, employment remains at a record high of 74.5%, while unemployment stands at 4.9%.

Local Farmers Meet with Mark Lancaster MP

Mark Lancaster MP for Milton Keynes North met with local members of the NFU last week and was brought up to date on a variety of matters within the local farming community.

Britain is open for business

The 2015/16 Inward Investment Report shows that the UK remains the best place in Europe for business to invest.