Candidate Profile - Qasim AWAN (Wolverton)

"My name is Qasim Awan and I live in the Wolverton Ward. I am married, have two children and am self-employed as a taxi driver. I have been living around the Wolverton area for the past 25 years. I have always been very socially active within the community, contributing as much as possible and have been committed to understanding the issues from the ground up. 

For over 20 years I had voluntarily been providing my service as a committee member at the Wolverton Mosque and was in charge of organising many religious as well as social events over the years, along with creating awareness regarding health and other issues within the community. 

I was the chairman of Milton Keynes Pakistan and Kashmir Welfare Association and am currently the chairman of MK United Cricket Club as I am trying to encourage the younger generation in getting involved in healthier activities. 

The idea of helping to build a strong community appeals greatly to me. I am passionate about my local area and Milton Keynes also. As a self-employed man, I would like to see Milton Keynes become much more business friendly and I believe the Conservative led Council will be best placed to deliver this. Our pledge to tackle street homelessness, an issue the is very visible in Wolverton inspired me to want to represent this ward. On the 3 of May, a vote for me as your Councillor will be a vote to strengthen our diverse local community, tackle homelessness and give you a strong voice in Milton Keynes."

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