Candidate Profile - Angela KENNEDY (Bletchley East)

My family have lived in Bletchley and Fenny Stratford for several generations and I am proud of the place. Nevertheless, I believe so much more can be done should we have a better, more engaged representation on Milton Keynes Council.

Being local to the area, I know and understand the needs and concerns of residents. I have served on the local Town Council for over 12 years till date, working to make Bletchley East ward a pleasant enjoyable place to live and work. However, this is a difficult task when many of the decisions on essential policies such as Highways and Planning are made at Milton Keynes Council. Local people need a voice on Milton Keynes Council and I want to be that voice to bring change and improvements to this area.

I believe it is vital to vote for the person who will do what is best for the residents and is strong enough to put party politics aside, acting in the best interests of the community. This is not the case currently, as the Labour Councillors who represent Bletchley East, choose to put their party politics first, and residents - last. Their voting record on the Council proves this - be it on homelessness, repairing our roads, supporting the voluntary sector, or good use of our tax money.

I believe the time is now for action in Bletchley East. It has been overlooked for many years by Labour led Milton Keynes Council. This has got to change! Vote for me on the 3rd May 2018 and have a local person speaking for the residents of  the Bletchley East ward.