Bus Services Saved... For Now

An under pressure Labour-led Milton Keynes Council have now confirmed that no subsidised bus routes will be cut before April 2020 - after calls from Conservative Councillors.

Concerns were raised after an email emerged from Labour Cabinet Member Cllr. Martin Gowans confirming that the Council had discussed and decided that any routes currently subsidised by housing development contributions, coming to an end of their development funding, would not receive any Council support to safeguard them against being cut by bus companies in the future.

At risk are the following bus routes: the 300 bus serving the Coachway and Woburn Sands, the 11 and 12 serving Kents Hill and the OU, the 28 serving Bletchley, Furzton and Westcroft as well as the 33 and 33a serving Wolverton and Hanslope.

A u-turn soon followed as the Labour Leader contradicted his Cabinet Member by saying due to additional Government funding he would guarantee all subsidised routes at least over the next financial year. However, concerns remain as all services would be subjected to an MK wide review.

Conservative Leader Cllr. Alex Walker said:

"The incompetence of the Labour Party is amazing. On the 22nd January, they declared that there would be no further support for subsidised bus services, regardless of whether they are viable or not, once the development funding ends. On the 5th February the Labour Leader says he will guarantee all routes even if they are not viable. U-turn alert.

"I'm delighted we continue to be an effective opposition and can force the Labour Cabinet to reverse changes. However, they are failing to provide real leadership for residents of MK. They are tired, there is a real need for change."