#SaveMK Petition

#SaveMK Petition

Labour-led MK Council’s plan to build 100,000 extra homes all across Milton Keynes will destroy everything we love about our area. It will cripple our hospital, block our grid roads and rob us of our green spaces.

There is only one way to stop them. Vote Conservative on 7 May 2020. 

We will put their plan in the bin on day one. We will progress a sustainable local plan for MK that will be focused on our affordability, infrastructure and economy, not on a random housing figure. 

We will build in line with our local plan. We will withdraw Labour’s bids for a bridge over the M1 and Growth Deal. We will refocus efforts to build out the 24,000 planning permissions that have already been granted and do deals with developers to make that happen. That has to happen before we even start thinking about new expansion areas.

We will rebuild relationships with our neighbouring authorities, relationships that have been ruined by this arrogant Labour Council.

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