Time for Change 2019

Will you stand up for the Milton Keynes we love?

I know people are frustrated with politics nationally and locally. So am I. But while we can’t change what’s happening in Westminster, we can make a real difference here in MK.

Local elections take place on Thursday 2 May. This is your chance to shape the future of Milton Keynes. The choice has never been clearer. 

Labour have controlled Milton Keynes Council since 2014. They have raised council tax every year and stashed millions of pounds of your money in reserves. Yet we’ve seen our roads get worse and more litter on our streets. We’ve seen chaotic changes to recycling sacks and the erosion of our traditional grid road system. 

Now Labour are racing to double MK’s population in just thirty years. This is faster than at any time in our history and would put huge pressure on our infrastructure and local services.

In contrast, we have worked with residents to design a sustainable Conservative plan for the future that will:

  •  reverse changes to recycling sacks and explore moving to wheelie bins
  •  limit future housing growth to sustainable levels
  •  introduce two hours’ free parking in Central Milton Keynes
  •  invest more in litter clearance and landscaping
  •  defend our traditional grid road system

This election is about who represents you on MK Council. It is your chance to shape the future of our city. A decision not to vote means your voice won’t be heard.

With your support, we can stand up for the Milton Keynes we know and love.

Take a look at our plan for Milton Keynes. It is time for change!

Yours sincerely,

Cllr Alex Walker - Leader MK Conservatives


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