MK Conservatives 1


MK Conservatives Association is the local branch of the Conservative Party – 

covering the unitary authority (the “County and Borough”) of Milton Keynes.


We are party members, Association Officers, activists, candidates, Councillors and MPs.

Our purpose is to promote support for the Conservative Party, its policies, values and

candidates. In other words – to win elections!


We are responsible for running local election campaigns, but only have modest control

over Parliamentary and European elections, which is why this website is focused on local

politics, the local work of local Conservatives and local elections.


We need you to let us know how we’re doing in Milton Keynes;  engage in the debates,

give us your feedback and opinions. You can help by lobbying in support of our initiatives,

help deliver our messages, attend our events, join the Association and even put yourself

forward as a candidate. Get in touch with us today and make a positive contribution to the

future of Milton Keynes.